Chores Payment

Week of: _____________________________

Req'd Days Money Chore
      Pick up the floor with out being asked
      Make bed with out being asked
      Change the sheets on a bed
      Clear off desk or table and put things away
      Empty trash from trash can
      Hang up clothes and organize closet
      Fold and put clothes away
      Clean kitchen counter
      Clean sink
      Clean kitchen table
      Set table for dinner
      Clear the table after a meal
      Load dishwasher
      Put dishes, pots and pans away
      Organize and clean inside of refrigerator
      Clean stove top
      Vacuum the floor in a specified room
      Wash, dry and put clothes away
      Clean shoes
      Feed the animals
      Clean up after animal
      Organize recycling
      Vacuum inside of car
      Put tools away
      Replace bathroom towels
      Clean bathroom mirror
      Water plants
      Clean fireplace
      Water the lawn
      Vacuum all rooms
      Mow the lawn
      Rake leaves and remove debris
      Remove weeds from flower beds
      Weed for 30 minutes