House Rules For Children

House Rules

  • I will do what my parents ask without complaining or making excuses.
  • I will not yell, shout, scream, slam doors, run away or call people names when I am upset or donít get what I want.
  • I will pick up and put away everything in my room each morning unless my parents give me permission to do something else.
  • I will clean up and put away anything I use or play with in the house each night before I go to bed unless my parents give me permission to do something else.
  • I will not borrow anything that does not belong to me without permission and I will return if to where it belongs and in good condition.

Each day I will

  • Get up in the morning when my parents tell me
  • Take a shower (or bath with my parents permission)
  • Comb my hair
  • Get dressed
  • Make my bed
  • Pick up and put away everything in my room
  • Eat breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Rinse my dishes and put them in the dishwasher
  • Put my lunch in my backpack
  • Brush my teeth
  • Take Wendell out side for a 5 minute walk
  • Take everything of mine out of the car after school
  • Put away clean clothes when I am asked.
  • Do my homework
  • Help fix dinner if I am asked
  • Help set the table if I am asked
  • Put my dinner dishes in the dishwasher if asked
  • Brush my teeth
  • Put on pajamas by 8:00 unless my parents say no.
  • Pick and get out cloths for the next day if it is a school night.
  • Get in bed at 8:30 (read or look at books)
  • Turn off lights at 9:00

Once a week I will

  • Clean out catís litter box (Saturday)
  • Pick up litter outside our house

Examples of special things my parents may do

  • Give me money for my chores
  • Fix me favorite food to eat
  • Buy me clothes
  • Buy me special gifts and toys
  • Let me use the telephone
  • Help me with homework
  • Rent me videos
  • Read me books
  • Take me out for dinner or to a movie
  • Take me places to have fun (skiing, fun center, swimming)

Examples of consequence when I do not cooperate

  • Copy my rules

  • No money

  • No spending times with my friends

  • Must stay in my room

  • No special dinner

  • No video or TV

  • No music

  • No phone

  • No games

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