House Rules & Expectations For Teens

1. Children are not adults. They have no authority over their parents. That means children have some choices and some freedom but only those that parents give them. Parents have a responsibility to raise their children the best they know how.

2. Children have a legal right to adequate food, shelter, education, health care, clothing and protection from abuse. Parents are not required to give their children anything else.

3. Children follow directions and requests made by parents. Parents may discuss the matter and explain their reasons, but parents are not required to explain or justify their decisions.

4. Children are expected to be self-managers. Parents will become involved at the appropriate level of need, become more involved as necessary and help their children when they appear to need help. The child's behavior determines whether or not parents need to make decisions for their children and give them more directions.

5. Children will not carry, hold or use drugs, alcohol or tobacco. They will not ride in a car with anyone using or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

6. Children will get up for school or work on time. Parents will specify a time and may help children get up if children are late or not on time.

7. Children will do assigned house chores. Children are not paid for work that is not completed on time or as specified. Parents may give their children a bonus or something extra but they are not required to give their children money.

8. Children will not take or use things that belong to others without permission. Return all borrowed items as agreed and in the condition they found it.

9. Hygiene will be daily and at an appropriate time. Parents will designate what must be done and will become more directive if children fail to manage this responsibility.

10. Children will discuss and admit errors, mistakes and inappropriate behavior when this is pointed out by parents. Children will talk with their parents or will communicate with family members to resolve problems and misunderstandings.

11. There will be no use of profanity, cruel, sarcastic or insulting remarks.

12. Homework will be completed on time and turned in to teachers. Parents will designate when and what must be done of children fail to manage this responsibility.

13. Children will not push, use physical force, spit, break or throw anything to get what they want, to hurt anyone or because they did not get what they wanted.

14. Children will eat regular, nutritious and balanced meals at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Failure to eat properly is unhealthy and self-harming.

15. There will be no use of the car or outside activities such as sports, parties (etc…) if the average grade in any class during a semester is lower than a "C". Children must maintain a "B" average to use a car.

16. Children will come to dinner and family meetings on time and wait until excused from the meeting or meal.

17. There will be no phone calls after 9:00 pm or before 7:30 am.

18. There will be no visitors in the house after 9:00 pm without 24 hour notice and a parent’s permission. Children will be home at a designated time.

19. No other children will be allowed in the house without permission or unless a parent is present who gives permission. Parents can designate who can come into the house without permission during appropriate times.

20. Children must ask for permission at least 24 hours in advance in order to go out at night, participate in unscheduled activities or stay over at friends. Parents may give permission but may also say no because 24 hours notice was not given.

21. The internet will not be used except for school/educational related activities and for e-mail to known friends and family. Parents will be given access and may monitor all e-mail and internet use.

22. Parents will try to help, support and solve problems if children are having problems. Children will lose some freedoms, choices and privileges if they do not cooperate or if they refuse to follow the house rules.

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