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  1. Consultation Services ($180 per hour, non-treatment) This service is ideal if you are wanting answers to questions about treatment, family issues, parenting problems and interventions. Professional fees are $180.00 per hour (60 minutes).

$180 per hour
  1. Comprehensive Intervention, Educational, Placement & Support Services Payable
    ($2800 flat fee per case, non-treatment. Three months)
     This service is for parents, guardians or family members who need a professional screening, evaluation, specific recommendations and ongoing guidance. A plan of action will be developed, supported and monitored. Services may include consultation with your child's school, medical and mental health professionals, a review of your child's health and school records, recommendation for a crisis intervention, recommendations for further assessment by other professionals, answering questions, recommending a specific program or series of programs for your child (as well as alternative programs), supporting your child's admission to a program or series of programs, monitoring your child's progress for period of three months and providing guidelines for a transition or follow-up plan. 


$2800 per case